Blue Mountain Shelter

Posted from Hiawassee, Georgia, United States.

Start of the A.T. - Springer Mountain
Springer Mountain - Start of the A.T.

What a week. After a great start it rained all day on day 3.  After that, combined with exhaustion, my dad, brother, and uncle decided to leave early.  So at that point life wasn’t  so great.  But being the optimist I am, I woke up and started hiking at 4 AM.  At first you couldn’t see 10 feet due to the fog and it was cold with a biting wind.  But then the sun came up, and after several miles I was rewarded with a spectacular view from on top of Blood Mountain, GA.  (highest point on the AT in GA.)  That night I stayed in a hostel.  What a difference a shower makes!  Yesterday I hiked most of the day in unbelievable weather with three friends, Cous-Cous, Richochet, and John (no trail name yet).  I have officially started going by the name “Piper” due to the Irish penny whistle I carry and play.  Today is an easier day with great weather once again.  At times like now it is easy to know why I am doing this – the feeling of utter contentment is wonderful.  As of now I am about 45 miles from Springer – we don’t talk about mileage left to go right now.  I am on track to be in NC. next week – especially if the weather holds.

P.S. Had my first trail magic today (random act of kindness by locals to thru-hikers), Willey Seay handed out a snicker!  Scratch that,  make it 2.  Beaver & Hound brought by a sack of oranges.

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