Tray Mountain Shelter

Posted from Hiawassee, Georgia, United States.

Tray Mountain Trail Magic
Tray Mountain Trail Magic

Thunderstorm blew in last night right after midnight.  I lay awake and watched the flashes illuminate the distant mountains.  The rain followed shortly and I was once again grateful for the shelters-even with Yellow Jacket’s snoring.

Started hiking in the rain, but that soon stopped.  It stayed overcast, but was warn enough to hike in shorts and tee-shirt.  Only did 8 miles today, but that included 4,000 feet of elevation change (2 up, 2 down).  As I was coming up Tray Mtn, I saw a truck with the sign “Trail Magic in the shelter.”  Turns out I would eat like a king that night and the next morning too.  Hot dogs, beans, macaroni salad, eggs, sausage, toast, …there goes the food planning.  Oh well-you meet the neatest people this way.  Turns out they do this every year for hikers on this weekend.  Makes me look forward to what will happen next.  Each day holds new surprises.

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