Telico Gap Hostel

Posted from North Carolina, United States.

Hikers at Telico Gap Hostel
Hikers at Telico Gap Hostel

Went into Franklin, NC two days ago.  Was just a stop in for supplies.  When I got back into the woods I sighed with relief.  After two weeks out here,  town is almost revolting.  I do like the showers and bed in hostels, but the hectic pace, smell of asphalt, and rush of cars is the part of the world I enjoy leaving behind.  Franklin was the first spot on the trail I found a fitted cap.  When I woke up the next morning, not only had mice destroyed two socks to make a nest, they chewed three holes in my new cap to make a nest inside it.  I am taking this as a sign to stick with my old cap.  Did my first 15 mile day yesterday and my feet were screaming.  Have an easy day today with a cabin and laundry service at the end.  Our group is still enjoying each other’s company.  We usually hike alone during the day and meet at the campsite that night.  Planning on staying together through the Smokies next week.

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