Mollie’s Ridge Shelter

Posted from Townsend, Tennessee, United States.

Hikers entering Great Smokey Mountains NP, Fontana Dam, NC
Hikers entering Great Smokey Mountains NP, Fontana Dam, NC

Entered Great Smoky Mountains National Park today. I was kind of disappointed at first – it seemed just like what we had been hiking in. Then I walked over a ridge and the whole ground was white; like it was covered with a light blanked of snow. Turned out to be millions of little white flowers. It was like walking in a fair tale. Today I had a number of milestones: started the 2nd section of the trail, started my 3rd state, & crossed the point marking only 2000 miles to go! Our “family” is still together. R-Kid’s parents called us wimps based on our progress. Oh well, Maine isn’t going anywhere. The trip just seems to get better everyday. Somebody said tonight, “The worst day on the trail is still better than the best day in the office.” I couldn’t agree more. Weatherman will be be leaving us for a couple of days off after the Smokies. I will miss him and his forecasts. The shelter was packed tonight so I am tenting; I knew I lugged this thing along for some reason.

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