Standing Bear Farm

Posted from Tennessee, United States.

Hiker tent city on Max Patch
Hiker tent city on Max Patch

Had a number of firsts today: crossed an interstate and swam in a river. After leaving the Smokies we walked 1.5 miles to Mountain Moma’s Kuntry Store and I ate 2 cheeseburgers (each the size of a small saucer) and an order of fries. These were the good cheeseburgers; the kind where they toast the bun on the grill. Hover the accomodations were less than glamorous there, even by hiker standards, so we walked back to the trail and went on. It was over 80o with humidity through the roof, so it was quite misrible. We came across a small streasm cascading down the rocks. After debating among ourselves for a sec, we all raced to jump in. It was about the temperature of well water so the shock factor was pretty high. It was a blast. Tonight we are staying in a cabin at a hostel. The cabin is a converted garage with a stream running under it and I am in a real bed! With a shower and clean laundry I feel real content right now.

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