No Business Knob Shelter

Posted from Erwin, Tennessee, United States.

Big Bald
Big Bald

I joined the 20 mile club today (20.7 miles). What a great month it has been. Officially I have greater than a 10 mile average now. I actually fell pretty good too. It was cool again today and I a made 10 by 12 (10 miles by 12 o’clock). Big Bald had great views for lunch. I am going into Erwin, TN tomorrow, but just for 1 night. I am still travelling with R-Kid, Orion, Cous-Cous, and MaGyver. Rick-Oh-Shay took off about a week ago. He wanted to make it to Damascus before he had to go back home. I miss him, but we make less of an impact on shelter space now. I am still enjoying everything.

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