Jerry Cabin Shelter

Posted from Marshall, North Carolina, United States.

Field near Apple House Shelter
Field near Apple House Shelter

I have been neglecting this, so I will play catch-up. The night after leaving Standing Bear Farm, we camped on top of Max Patch (a bald). 15 minutes after arriving a thunderstorm blew through; lasting for about 45 minutes. The views were great afterwards. That next day we hiked 19 miles into Hot Springs, NC just in time for Trailfest on April 20. Took another 0 day and got to see people that I hadn’t seen since the first week. We had a great time on the town. I took it easy yesterday and only hiked about 12 miles. I got to go to church too! Today I have felt very unmotivated. I ate 2 lunches, a supper, and a dessert with hot chocolate. That should help tomorrow go better.

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