Iron Mountain Shelter

Posted from Butler, Tennessee, United States.

Not much happened today, so I figured I’d tell about the changes my feet have gone thru. For the first couple of weeks they looked pretty normal except for the big blister on each heel. After a couple of weeks the skin toughened and the blisters healed. About this time we began increasing our mileage and my soles would ache at the end of the day. My body responded by adding fat to the fat pads on my soles and huge calluses developed. But it was overkill; the skin on my soles began folding like rolls on a fat stomach. It was time for surgery! Using a pocket knife, the calluses were shaved down thinner, kind of like shaving a pencil. Except for the constant numbness in my toes (a common thru-hiker ailment) they are doing much better now. They are still sore at the end of each day, but now a night of rest cures that.

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