Doc’s Knob Shelter

Posted from Narrows, Virginia, United States.

Had a 26 mile day to make it into Damascus Friday. I ran the last mile or so downhill and paid dearly for it—my left knee wouldn’t straighten. All was well the next morning though and I was in VA! I was royally rewarded for my pain by a trip to the movies. After taking care of the usual chores (Laundry, shower, food, mail, etc.) a group of us visited the local fire station and played bingo. I won’t make fun of that game again—we all had a blast and I won $50.00. Apparently we were the first thru-hikers to play and they were thrilled. Planning on playing again in 2 weeks for Trail Days. Trail Days is a giant festival celebration about the AT and is held in Damascus every year. I was planning on hiking to Pearisburg, VA and hitching a ride back, but a free ride today to Pearisburg was offered. So here I am walking back south toward Damascus. I am looking forward to seeing all the hikers a week or so ahead of me. It is a little different being a south-bounder though. VA so far seems to be long gentle ridges with wide valleys on each side. I was told to get used to that—five weeks more of it to come.

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