Northern Connecticut

Posted from Connecticut, United States.

Great Falls CN
Great Falls CN

The ridges of the last few states have definitely given way to rolling hills. I was hiking along towards the end of my day when I came to Rand’s View. The view was on the side of Prospect Mountain and looked out first over some meadows. Then into a ringed valley which faded into the evening haze. It was a view surpassing all of almost the last 1000 miles. I sat down to enjoy a break and pulled out my penny whistle. As I played it seemed like every tree resonated with each note as if afraid to let the sound die. There were no people, houses, or machinery noises; only the music. I lingered there for quite some time in utter contentment. I finally moved on a few more miles and set up camp in a small gap with a creek. This is the first night in a long time I am camping alone and it is very peaceful. I should finish up Connecticut tomorrow and start Massachusetts. I wonder how long it will take me to catch up to Raindog and Hitching Post with their 3 day lead?

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