Rutland, VT

Posted from Rutland, Vermont, United States.

Vermont pond
Vermont pond

The Green Mtns of Vermont are beautiful and, well, green. The rolling hills of southern New England gave way to true mtns. The climbs have been gentle, but the mtns frequently top 3500 feet. Two days ago in the afternoon a torrential (think fire hose) downpour came almost without warning. My backpack contents got slightly wet, but the person I was hiking with had waterlogged stuff. We hiked into town and found a motel so we could dry all of our stuff. The next evening after hiking we came to a trailside dinner in a converted railroad stop. The caboose attached was the ice cream parlor. Great spot. 2 more days and I will be in Hanover, NH and then on to the White Mtns. The miles keep flying by.

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