Glencliff, NH

Posted from Benton, New Hampshire, United States.

Smarts Mountain NH
Smarts Mountain NH

I finally caught up to Raindog and Hitching Post two days ago in Hanover. Together we plan to hike through the White Mtns. I am about ½ way through my 13th state and sitting at the base of the Southern Whites. From here I begin one of the most difficult and beautiful sections of trail. It’s funny how those two descriptions always seem to go hand-in-hand. I am really getting excited now with less than 400 miles to go and some of the most anticipated sections. At this point, success is all but assured. At the same time, my mind begins to naturally think of home and long to finish this pilgrimage. I have learned so much about myself. But no rush, I plan to enjoy these last few weeks.

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