The Birches

Posted from Maine, United States.

Katadin from Abol Bridge
Katadin from Abol Bridge

This is it. It is finally here. My last night on the trail. I am camped at the base of the mountain. Tomorrow, seven other hikers and myself will wake up early and finish what we started months ago. This day has been my dream for years and at the back of my mind for the entire hike. Now it has arrived. What will it be like? What will I feel? will it be what I have always imagined it?

Katadin means greatest mountain and that is what it is. Not because of the height or difficulty, but because it symbolizes months of toil, friendships made and dreams come true. Tomorrow ends my adventure – at least for now, but the friends I have made and the memories will remain. The Appalachian Trail – truly a unique journey. I have seen America as few see it. How lucky am I.

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