And So It Begins

Two years ago today I reached the Northen Terminus of the Appalachian Trail on Katadin, marking the end of my first long-distance hike. As time has passed the constant tug to return to that life has begun to subside. I think that is what scared me most. The thought that the part of me that thrives in that environment might be forever vanishing. Then a friend kindly sent me a PCT hiking guide for my birthday and all that desire came racing back.

If everything goes as planned, I’ll be leaving for San Diego to begin my hike in late April. Space Monkey, Rain Dog, and Hitching Post are also planning on hiking the PCT next year so it won’t be like starting the AT was. I’m placating myself right now with the planning process so I don’t go crazy at work. I know it will be here soon enough, but I’m already longing to be there. That should make the journey all the more sweet.

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