The Devil is in the Details

Planning is going along nicely. The only gear left to order is the blasted bear cannister. I’m waiting to see if the Bear Vault makes it on the approved list for this year before ordering. It’s been a crazy fall and winter. Thankfully I’ve had 2 snowboarding trips to keep me occupied. Now those look to be over and I have 2 1/2 months of work between me and freedom.

At least 3 of my friends from the AT are going to be thru-hiking as well – Space Monkey and Raindog & Hitching Post. Space Monkey wants to surf for a week after the kick off party and I’m planning on joining him. I’d rather zero at the beach than in the dessert.

The Data Book was finally in stock at the PCTA Web Site so as soon as it arrives mail drop planning will begin. I’m hoping not to have too many of them, but I’d rather have a mail drop than be stuck with convienience store food.

The first nice weekend of spring, I hope to be out to give my new gear a good test. So far it all fits in my pack – lets hope it stays that way.

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