Lake Morena

Posted from Campo, California, United States.

PCT Southern Terminus
PCT Southern Terminus

After 8 days of goofing off, I was itching to get started. Don’t get me wrong – surfing in Mexico was a total blast, but I came to hike. I spent all day yesterday doing hiker errands in San Diego.

To say I was excited to be dropped off at the border monument would be an understatement. I had a bright sunny day – although it was a little on the hot side. Most of the day was spent meandering around rolling foothills filled with about 6’ high scrub brush. It wasn’t until the end of the day that we had a climb of any significance – and it would have made the AT proud.

Finished the day by descending to Lake Morena Campground – the same place the kick-off party was held last weekend. Looks very different when not packed wall to fence with hikers. If the terrain tomorrow is similar, I hope to make it to Mt. Laguna.

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