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Laguna Mountains
Laguna Mountains

Mt. Laguna sure didn’t happen. I wasn’t too stiff when I woke up, but something I ate disagreed with me. Four bathroom trips before starting a late morning hike and 2 mad dashes off trail in the first 3 miles!   Combined with the heat and humidity it was all I could do to make 6 miles by lunch.

The afternoon didn’t go so hot either. I felt better and had a lot more energy, but I missed a turn in the trail and ended up 200’ lower and ½ mile away. So pulling out my maps, I cut across the hill to rejoin the trail. An hour later and one spill in the creek, I finally made it back to the trail. Fed up with the day, I called it quits and cooked dinner next to a nice stream. I hope to wake up early and get a nice dent in the mileage I missed.

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