First Gate on San Felipe Hills

Posted from WARNER SPGS, California, United States.

Desert blooming
Desert blooming

Well, my stakes didn’t hold last night. Not only did I have to endure my tarp acting as a wind tunnel, but it would randomly collapse and send me scrambling to reset whichever stake had come out. Morning did actually come and the sun even made a brief appearance. It was very cold though. It didn’t help that most of my stuff was wet from the misting action of rain being blown through bug netting.

For the first hour, I hiked in a shirt, down coat, nylon jacket, gloves, and stocking hat. All morning and most of the afternoon was spent slowly meandering down ridges and losing elevation. By 3:30, I had come 18 miles and lost 2500’ – ending up in the floor of the San Felipe Valley. It had been cloudy to rainy most of the way down, but had actually turned quite pleasant.

After an early supper I set out up a long, winding path into the next set of mountains. As I looked back across the valley to the Adjacent Mountains, I began to somewhat understand the weather. The tops of them were shrouded in clouds which were swirling around them from seemingly all directions. Yet the other mountains within sight all showed patches of sun. It reminded me of an old Carribean pirate island with a big volcano which is never fully visible.

If all goes well, I should make it to Warner Springs tomorrow.   Unfortunately the post office will be long closed when I roll in – which means I’m “stuck” there till Monday. It’s not like I planned it that way. ?

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