Warner Springs

Posted from WARNER SPGS, California, United States.

Eagle Rock
Eagle Rock

I woke up early this morning and was able to make 15 miles by noon again. It sure makes big mile days easier when I do that. The terrain was easy – 15 miles of meandering across and down the San Felipe Mtns. and another 10 across a valley to Warner Springs.

This place is a hassle to work out room situations. They won’t let you in to see friends and figure out how to divide rooms until you have a guest card. You get a guest card by first registering for a room. I ended up getting a room all to myself, when as it turns out there was a spot for me in another room.

I decided to go ahead and hike out tomorrow. Looks like I picked up giardia in Mexico, and need a town with a pharmacy. Kevin’s Kevin Jacobs
hiking with me and we should make Idyllwild tomorrow.

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