Hikers Oasis

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Hiker's Oasis
Hiker's Oasis

Woke up to a brisk clear morning. Packed up my gear and shook Kevin’s tent to wake him as I left. Most of the morning was spent wandering ridges and canyons. Kevin caught up to me at lunch time and we hiked together for the afternoon. We both had the famous burgers at the Paradise Café on the brain. The latest info we had showed it open on Mondays. Kevin was livid when we arrived and found it all locked up.

Midway through the afternoon clouds began rolling in. It began spitting rain and just as we made it to the highway, it began actually raining. We walked down to the Paradise Café and called the Hiker’s Oasis. Always enjoy staying at a hostel and meeting the owners. Plan to take a day off before starting up San Jacinto on Wednesday.

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