Teutang Canyon

Posted from White Water, California, United States.

View of Mt. San Jacinto from San Gorgonio Pass
View of Mt. San Jacinto from San Gorgonio Pass

After yesterday’s exertion, I slept in and didn’t get hiking till 7:30AM. All morning was spent hiking down 15 miles of switchbacks and 6000’ vertical elevation drop. As our elevation went lower, the temperature was rising and the ridgeline we were on had no shade. Reaching the valley, I took an extended break to cool off. The next five miles were across the floor of San Gorgino Pass – the lowest point of the PCT in CA. There wasn’t really a trail to follow and the ground was mainly sand – making walking hard. By the time I made it to the I-10 overpass, I was feeling nauseated and had no energy. I spent an hour cooling off under the bridge. The temp was 97 degrees in the shade. Lack of water forced me to hike 5 more miles, where I literally dropped my pack and slept right next to the trail.

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