Creekside Camp Above Mission Creek

Posted from Morongo Valley, California, United States.

The temperature only dropped to 70 degrees overnight. I slept fitfully and was hot. I woke up about 5:15AM and hiked the ½ mile to where Jewel Thief had camped. We hiked together down into Whitewater Canyon and walked over to the raging torrent that was the creek. Even though it was only 8AM, it was already 83 degrees. We stayed a moment and wet our shirts and bandanas to cool us while we hiked. I guess that the river was fed by snowmelt since it was too cold for either of us to completely dunk ourselves.

The morning was filled with climbing over ridges and dropping into the canyons below. The heat acted like a vampire sucking the life and energy away,. By noon, I was nearing the heat exhaustion phase I had fought yesterday. We decided to take an extended break and nap under on e of the few trees. Wouldn’t you know that the tree we chose had 2 other hikers already: Pepperman & Jump Back Julie. Oh well – the more the merrier.

Most of the afternoon was spent napping, cooling off in the creek, and chatting. About 4PM it had cooled off to 91 degrees so we packed up and moved on. I hiked the 9 miles up Mission Creek Canyon – the last mile in the dark. What a difference shade and elevation make. Our campsite tonight is over 6000’. The climb in the evening shade was actually pleasant. Tomorrow we should get high enough to hit more snow. The will be a welcome relief to the intense heat of the last 2 days.

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