Van Dusen Canyon Rd/Big Bear City

Posted from Big Bear City, California, United States.

Hiker Breakfast at Thelma's - Big Bear City
Hiker Breakfast at Thelma's - Big Bear City

Slept in a little this morning.   I was tired after staying up for the premiere of Star Wars.   I begrudgingly packed up my cotton town clothes to be mailed on forward. While waiting on the P.O. to open I walked to the corner donut shop.

After finishing the last of my town chores, Jewel Thief and I began the 3 mile road walk back to the trail. Not a single care passed us on the winding dirt road, so hitching wasn’t an option.   I made it back to the trail at around 11AM. The trail meandered around and down low hills for the entire day and the miles just flew by. We are steadily losing elevation, which means the days are going to get hotter.

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