Unnammed Ridge

Posted from Hesperia, California, United States.

Bridge Out
Bridge Out

Well, it definitely got warmer. I was up and hiking by 7AM. By mid-morning I was wetting my shirt & head at every stream crossing to stay cool. I’m hiking around more thru-hikers right now than at any other point to date. It is always fun to hear other hiker’s stories of the same trail sections.

Mid-morning we all came across a bridge with the first 20’ missing. There was a detour to ford the creek, but that didn’t look like fun. We took turns shimming down the one remaining rail to cross the bridge.

Right afternoon we made it to the famed Deep Creek Hot Springs. Foregoing the springs, we all went straight for the snow-melt swimming hole in the creek. The frigid water caught my breath as I dove in. I lounged around – eating and swimming for a couple of hours.

Mid-afternoon Jewel Thief and I packed up and left. Following the creek for most of the afternoon, we were able to eat away quite a few more miles – arriving at camp just as the last light was fading. With today’s mileage we should make I-15 and McDonald’s mid-afternoon tomorrow.

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