Sulphur Springs Campground

Posted from Pearblossom, California, United States.

Outhouse at Little Jimmy Campground
Outhouse at Little Jimmy Campground

We slept in somewhat this morning after our hard day yesterday. The fact that it was chilly contributed as well. After breakfast, Jewel Thief ventured into the half-buried privy and emerged later looking like the privy was giving birth.

After the first 2 miles, we left the snow behind us – probably for good in this section. The trail was quite varied today: we climbed small peaks & ridges, as well as hiked through canyons with rivers at the bottom. For most of the day we criss-crossed Highway 2-bringing back memories of the Blue Ridge Parkway on the Appalachian Trail. Without snow & doing lower miles, we made it into camp at 6:30 & had enough light where I could cook & eat dinner without a headlamp. Tomorrow we plan on making a big dent in the 47 miles left till Agua Dulce.

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