Hiker Heaven/Agua Dulce

Posted from Canyon Country, California, United States.

Memorial Day BBQ at Hiker Heaven
Memorial Day BBQ at Hiker Heaven

I woke up at 5AM this morning to find myself to be the last one in camp. I told you Jewel Thief was antsy for the Saufley’s. I packed up and began hiking the last few miles into town. I arrived at noon to find the Hiker Heaven’s name to be well deserved.

I was greeted with a coke and a smile. My laundry was done for me and a shower was waiting. I spent the whole day lounging around and talking. Tomorrow I plan on making a supply run to REI!

Healer came in later that afternoon and offered to look at my foot. He promptly pronounced the problem to be a stress fracture – the bane of all hikers. The good news is that it was healing and I could hike on it again in a couple of days. That was a huge relief. I’m planning on resting here at least 2 more days. Then I’ll head out across the Mojave Desert towards the Sierra Mountains. I look forward to leaving the desert behind me.

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