A Grassy Saddle

Posted from ELIZABETH LK, California, United States.

Ridge overlooking the Mojave Desert
Ridge overlooking the Mojave Desert

Snug in beds we all slept in; I was the first one up at 7AM. It didn’t take long for the rest of the crew to rouse at the mention of pancakes though. And what pancakes they were – as big as the plates they were served upon!   Feeling rested and full, we were dropped off at the trail around 9AM.

For the first time since Big Bear City, I was able to walk normally on my hurt foot. Even so, I was severely short of motivation and each mile seemed to require more and more effort. Finally capitulating, I stopped for an afternoon nap. After rousing and eating I was finally able to set a decent pace. Even so, the last of the light was fading as I made it to my camp. I had passed 500 miles, but still 200 miles of desert left to go. But those are tomorrow’s worries.

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