Somewhere Along the LA Aquaduct

Posted from Rosamond, California, United States.

PCT Across the Mojave
PCT Across the Mojave

Had my first early start in several days: was awake and hiking by 5:30AM.   The first part of the morning was a pleasant ridge walk at around 5000’. But it didn’t take long for things to go downhill in every way. The trail dropped to the foothills bordering the Mojave. It then proceeded to aimlessly wander up and down said hills – without shade – for a very long 7 miles. I made it to Highway 138 by noon, but was hot and tired.

I started hiking towards a small store a mile down the road as hitch hiking wasn’t working. About halfway there a truck drives by and stops to pick me up. The driver operated a hostel right next to the trail. He drove me to the store, where I got the obligatory Dr. Pepper and ice cream, then back to his place. Along with 2 other hikers I lounged around all afternoon under a large shade tree. It was just too hot to hike. At 4 PM a hiker named Little Foot & I set out across the Mojave Desert. For the next 17 miles, the trail followed the LA Aquaduct along dirt roads. We hiked until an hour after dark – 9:30PM – and then just threw myself and gear down right next to the road. Even at 9:30 it is still hot and sticky.

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