Oak Creek

Posted from Mojave, California, United States.

A Joshua Tree in the Mojave
A Joshua Tree in the Mojave

My alarm went off at 3:45AM so we could get an early start. Little Foot & I made short work of the 5 miles left of the Aquaduct. It was very frustrating to walk so long hearing running water, but not be able to get to it.   After a quick breakfast, I began the hike back up towards the mountains. By 9:30AM I had left the desert proper and was entering the Tehachapi Mountains.

With such an early start, I found myself at 6000’ – 17 miles down the trail. The afternoon was a pleasant walk along a viewful shady, breezy ridge. It was excellent trail as well. All too soon I began descending once again. The lower the trail went the stronger the winds became. Soon there were wind turbines everywhere. I made it down off the ridge to find a trailside picnic table filled with other hikers. There was also coolers of Gatorade and fruit. I began cooking dinner with everyone else there when we had a surprise delivery of Taco Bell’s bean burritos. I did what any good hiker would do – ate both dinners. After such a long day, I was in bed even before it was completely dark.

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