Unnamed Saddle, Mojave Desert

Posted from CALIENTE, California, United States.

Horney Toad
Horney Toad

Wow it has already been one month on the trail. How easily the cares of my other life have faded away, to be replaced by the simple rhythms of hiking. Almost 600 miles lay behind me to the border and still 2000 miles lay ahead to the next. But I rarely think of goals that beg – more it is simply how long to the next re-supply.

As is becoming usual, Jewell Thief and I left behind a big group of hikers in Mojave this morning. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a town stop as well as most, for who can pass up cold Coke, but it doesn’t take long for me to feel the urge to hike on. There are definitely two types of hikers out here: those who live for the town stops and those who live for the hiking. I look forward to the comforts of town, but I truly long for the hiking.

The trail today was pretty simple; after an initial climb up from Tehachapi Pass, the trail gently undulated for the rest of the day. The only hard part was the pack weight. I am carrying 5 days of food (approximately 12 ½ pounds) and four liters of water (8 lbs). My feet sure noticed the difference. Only 100 more miles and water won’t be much of an issue for a while. I’ll be glad to leave the South California deserts- they’ve been scenic, but it’s time for a change.

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