Walker Pass

Posted from Onyx, California, United States.

Breakfast Courtesy Meadow Ed
Breakfast Courtesy Meadow Ed

I made a decent start this morning. It helped that another dinner and 2 liters of water were gone from my pack. The trail soon came to a high ridgeline. Gusts of wind came across the trail threatening to blow me off. Soon enough the trail dropped to the lee side of the ridge and made for easier walking, blocking the wind. In no time flat I had knocked out the 8 miles till the next water cache.

After the cache, the trail climbed 1600’ in 4 miles. Normally such climbs make me groan, but today I was able to get in a rhythm and rocket up the trail. The cool wind helped a lot. For the rest of the day the trail just meandered down ridges.

By 5 PM I was hiking into Walker Pass Campground. To my delight, Meadow Ed was there and fixing steak and beans for dinner. Jewel Thief and I made the difficult hitch to Onyx for ice cream – who wants steak without dessert? We made it back just as dinner was served.

It is windy tonight so I set up my tarp for the first time in weeks. I’ve been sleeping under the stars most nights. Tomorrow morning we’re having pancakes!

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