Chimney Creek Campground

Posted from Inyokern, California, United States.

Sunset near Canebreak Road
Sunset near Canebreak Road

I slept in this morning – not rousing till 6:00AM. Seems like the half-dozen other hikers had the same idea, since Jewel Thief and I were the first ones to the breakfast table. We began mixing up the pancake batter – Meadow Ed already had the coffee made. It wasn’t long before everyone was up and around

After breakfast I headed out. The trail began a 2000’ climb right off the bat. It was well graded and my legs in good shape, so it wasn’t long till I had gained the ridge top with views of the Mojave to the East. Today was probably the first day since I started, that everything clicked; no soreness, no limping from a stress fracture, and plenty of energy.

Throughout the day the trail would climb up to 7000’ and then drop back to 5000’. Even with a late start and lots of elevation change, I rolled into camp at 8:00pm. After almost 30 miles I fell better than most other days. Tomorrow is a 21 mile day to Kennedy Meadows- the end of the long Southern California section.

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