Chicken Springs Lake

Posted from Lone Pine, California, United States.

Sunset over Chicken Spring Lake
Sunset over Chicken Spring Lake

Knowing I had lower miles to do, I took my time getting up & around. There was dew & condensation on my tent, so I let it dry off first. I was hiking by 8am.The scenery was so different that I was used to. First the trail followed the edge of a meadow, then crossed a creek & began climbing. The ridge the trail climbed was shaded by tall conifers. Every so often the trail would pass through a saddle & offer stunning views of snow-clad peaks.By mid-afternoon I had made it to Trail Pass Junction – the last real chance to hop out to a town. Forging on, I soon hit the snow pack that I had heard so much about. Ninety percent of the trail was obscured by snow drifts. The rest of the day was spent traversing ridges & reading maps since often there was nothing else to go by.At 7:30pm, Jewel Thief & I made it to Chicken Springs Lake. As we crested the last rise we were surprised to find the lake iced over. We found suitable dry camping near the lake & settled in to watch the spectacular sunset. Tomorrow should get us to the base of Mt. Whitney without too much trouble.

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