Guitar Lake

Posted from Lone Pine, California, United States.

Sunset over Guitar Lake - Backside of Mt. Whitney
Sunset over Guitar Lake - Backside of Mt. Whitney

It was cold last night – I had frost both outside & inside my tent. My shoes were also frozen solid since they were wet from all the snow travel. With it so cold, Jewel Thief & I stayed wrapped in our bags until 6:45am.After drying out the tents in the sun, we finally got moving at 8:20am. The snow was so hard we started off with our crampons on. The whole morning & early afternoon was spent doing our best to follow the trail. We were on a rdige & sometimes 90% of the trail would be covered in a 1 mile stretch. We’re becoming experts at recognizing the trail tread with only a foot or two exposed.Early in the afternoon we made it down to Rock Creek. If you can picture a narrow valley with a river, small meadows, & tall pine forrests hemmed in by towering, snow capped peaks – this would be what you saw. We even jumped a couple young bucks with budding, velvet lined antlers.After the creek, the trail climbed aggressively up the slopes of Mt. Guyot to reward us with views of our biggest mountains yet. Unfortunately the far side of the nameless pass was snowbound & we spent the rest of our afternoon post-holing & route finding.We made it to Crabtree Meadows at 6pm & began another 5 miles on the side trail to Mt. Whitney (daily mileage doesn’t count this distance). Near the ranger station we saw the first other thru-hikers since Kennedy Meadows: Poet & Bachelor Bob. Using the last of our daylighet we climbed up the canyon towards Mt. Whitney. We made it to camp just in time to see the last evening glow over Guitar Lake. Tomorrow, we’ll attack Mt. Whitney.

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