Lake Marjorie

Posted from Big Pine, California, United States.

Bridge over Woods Creek
Bridge over Woods Creek

The day started off well. After our increasingly normal 8am start, Jewel Thief and I headed down the trail towards Woods Creek. The morning passed without event and we were soon eating lunch next to the creek.

After lunch we began a 3500’ climb over 7 miles. The first half was spectacular. The trail followed the creek up the canyon passing multiple waterfalls. Soon enough the trail disappeared under snow though. It’s here that the day took a turn for the worse. Somewhere under snow the trail veered left and we went straight. We ended up in a different basin and climbed 2 different ridges trying to find the correct way. Finally, after looking at the maps yet again, we realized our mistake and backtracked to the correct valley. By this time it was already past 6pm, so we hurried to make it over the pass before dark. We raced down the far side and found enough bare ground to make camp just as the last light was fading. We are hoping for an early start in the morning to make up some of the miles we missed today.

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