Vermillion Valley Resort

Posted from Shaver Lake, California, United States.

Our drivers in our first ever boat hitch
Our drivers in our first ever boat hitch

Just like before the Saufleys, Jewel Thief was very excited (understatement) to get to VVR, so we set alarms and were hiking by 5:20am. My Thermarest had developed a hole and coupled with a headache I hadn’t slept well.

We climbed almost 3000’ up to Selden Pass where the route we chose required both ice axe and crampon work. At 10am the snow was rock hard and slick. The trail gently descended to Bear Creek where we ate lunch basking on some large rocks. Following Jewel Thief, we set a fast pace down the river and then up Bear Ridge. At the top we hit unexpected snow. The trail descends the ridge using 53 switchbacks – I think we saw less than half of them due to the snow.

We finally reached the valley floor & the turn off to Lake Edison. Hoping to make the 4:45 ferry, we raced down the side trail. We made it with 5 min. to spare only to find that the ferry wasn’t running. Undaunted, Jewel Thief – the master hitcher – secured us a hitch with a couple of fisherman. The ride across the lake was soaking as the boat was small and the lake was white capping; good thing I wore my raingear. We finally made it across the lake and headed to the store for Cokes and supper. We plan on crashing here a couple of days before heading out again.

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