Red’s Meadow/Mammoth Lake

Posted from California, United States.

We woke up and headed out at about 6:30am. Climbing, the trail wandered up and down most of the day staying in –you got it – snow. At this point I’m beginning to get frustrated with the stuff. We have no passes or peaks to climb, yet here we are trudging through mounds of snow trying to follow the trail. Our packs were light since they were empty of food.

We made it to Red’s Meadow only to find it hadn’t opened for the season yet – contrary to the information we had just gotten at VVR. With only staff families on the road it took 1 ½ hours to get a hitch out – and that was in the first car. Finally, making it to town we took care of our top priority and gorged ourselves on Thai food. We set up camp in a forest service campground in town that was packed with other campers. I awoke in the middle of the night to hear something hit the foot of my tent. Alert, I listened. It happened again and the foot of my tent collapsed. I yelled and scrambled for my headlamp. As I leaned out of my tent, I hear Jewel Thief’s bear can turn over. My headlamp caught the rump of the fleeing bear as Jewel Thief sleepily asked, “Was that a bear?” Is it irony that I hiked most of the High Sierras without any bear encounters – only to have one in town?

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