Garnett Lake

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Devil's Postpile
Devil's Postpile

Getting out of town was another hassle. Jewel Thief and I waited on the free bus to take us up to where the Red’s Meadow road was closed, but it never came. We ended up hitching up there. No sooner had we started walking than a whole caravan from the sheriff’s office went by for search and rescue training and one of them gave us a ride. All in all, it was noon when we started actual trail miles.

We soon came to a spot where the PCT temporarily split from the John Muir Trail. We decided to take the JMT since we had several reports that it was more scenic. Due to the snow, we had to work hard to get in the miles we did. The trail did several minor climbs and descents next to beautiful lakes and streams. We made it to camp and crashed, just at dusk. Tomorrow should get us to Tuolome Meadows in Yosemite.

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