Tuolome Meadows

Posted from California, United States.

It was another long day of snow. I had hoped that the big snow would be over after we finished the last of the 12,000’ passes, but it wasn’t. From the start @ 7am till 3:30pm, we trudged through snow doing all navigation by map & compass. It wasn’t smooth snow either, but marked by huge sun cups like a gigantic egg carton.

We managed to make it up Donohue Pass by 2:30pm. Behind us lay giant snow fields and tall, sharp peaks, but in front lay a long, lush, green valley in Yosemite. Encouraged by the lack of snow below, we sped up and soon made it to treeline and patchy snow. The trail continued to descend to a broad meadow where the almost flat trail stayed. We arrived at the closed Tuolome Campground, where we camped anyway, at 8pm. David Horton showed up about 15 min. later. He was attempting to set the PCT speed record by running the trail. His whole support crew was already set up in the campground. He had been an hour behind us most of the day – kind of nice to know the snow slowed him down, too.

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