Seavey Pass

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Unnamed Lake in Seavey Pass
Unnamed Lake in Seavey Pass

Today was rough. We made it to the top of Benson Pass without too much trouble and had lunch. Heading down the pass was another solid snow field. After slow going through that, the trail traversed the side of a steep canyon before descending. We tried to follow the basic path, but of course the actual trail was snow covered. My shoes are on their last leg and I was slipping on everything with the severely worn soles. On one particular snow slope, I lost traction and slid 20-30’ down, spraining my left wrist.

Before this incident I had attempted to jump a creek by first throwing my pack. The throw didn’t go so well and I ended up running down the center of the creek chasing my floating pack. After the wrist incident we got to the bottom of the canyon where the map showed 3 stream crossings. What we found was a flooded meadow with multiple deep channels. We ended up wading through chest deep water with our packs over our heads.

We climbed out of that mess and up to Seavey Pass where we made camp. I’m hoping to make some mileage tomorrow after all of today’s woes.

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