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Fording Tilden Creek
Fording Tilden Creek

We woke up and were hiking by 6:15 this morning. Descending the pass was icy. At the bottom was the Kerrick Canyon River. The snow slope ran right down into the river and was VERY slick. We ended up using ice axes and slowly traversing it knowing that a slip meant a trip down river.

Slowly the snow began dissipating as we made our way down canyon.    We managed to climb out of and through that and even another canyon before lunch.

Ready to make miles we headed out. Instead we missed a trail junction in snow and went down the wrong trail for 2 miles. Frustrated we backtracked and found the correct route. We camped just before the northern boundary of Yosemite. I hope tomorrow goes better. I’ll be out of food after lunch so we have to make it to Sonora Pass before dark.

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