Sherrold Lake

Posted from Markleeville, California, United States.

While I had good intentions of getting moving early, I succumbed to the snooze button. It was 8am before I was actually hiking. For the first time in 300 miles, the trail was pretty nondescript. Climbing in and out of several small valleys, patchy snow was the worst it got.

Towards the end of the afternoon dark clouds were building overhead. As the trail crested a saddle you could see it raining farther down the valley. Jewel Thief and I were lucky in that just as the rain started, we came across a large boulder we could sit under to wait. Turns out it quit raining in less than 15 min., but the valley floor had a pretty good coating of hailstones.

Despite the late start, we made some of the best mileage since we left the desert.   We camped next to two small lakes and were serenaded by a host of frogs.   As long as the trail is like today’s, there should be few problems getting to Tahoe.

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