I-80/Pooh Corner

Posted from California, United States.

We meant to be hiking by 7am this morning, but Jewel Thief hit the snooze button and I had to wake him up. We actually were moving by 7:30am. Our trail did several 800-1000’ climbs and descents making our pace somewhat slower than desired. As we approached Old Highway 40, there was a patch of snow whose far side was a very steep 30’ drop. I climbed higher to a safer crossing, but looked up in time to see Jewel Thief try the steep part, lose his footing, & go careening down the slope. Trying for the graceful landing, he put his feet out to stand up at the bottom, but momentum just flipped him over like a toothpick & he slid another 10’ through mud. Amazingly he was unscathed – I probably would’ve broken something doing that.

We’re staying at Pooh Corner Hostel tonight. There were 5 southbound flipfloppers here – the first PCT hikers we have seen since Tuolomne. Together the 7 of us are the first group of hikers to stay at this hostel. I also found out that there are only 7 northbounders ahead of me right now. I figured all kinds of hikers would have passed us since we had so many 0 days in the Sierras, but it sounds like a lot of them took time off for injury or illness. Maybe all the 0’s are the key to Jewel Thief’s & my success.

Several hikers asked us if we were racing to be in the top 10 to finish this year. The answer – I could care less what number I finish. I’m hiking this the way I enjoy it. I hope to see more flip-floppers in the days ahead – actually any other hikers would be nice.

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