Jackson Meadow Reservoir

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Two Story Outhouse
Two Story Outhouse

Pooh ran a tight ship & had us to the trailhead by 8am after a huge breakfast. After an easy 4 mile hike we arrived at Peter Grabb Hut. The hut was incredibly nice with tables inside, a loft, large woodpiles, and an amazing 2-story outhouse. Most importantly, it had the most accurate trail register we had seen in almost 500 miles.

After leaving notes for hikers behind us, we headed on. It was a warm day – warmer than we had seen in quite some time – so we dunked ourselves in a creek around lunch. The mountains are getting much lower & have smoother tops now. The trail meandered all over the place around them. At 6:30pm we had made our mileage goal, but there wasn’t much in the way of camping. With light still left, we set out 4 more miles to the next water source for camping.   Just before getting there we came across a HUGE cache of water & Gatorade for hikers. It was truly a sight displayed right next to the trail.

Walking down a road to a campground on the lake, we met a PCT section hiker & family vacationing here. They kindly offered to let us crash in their site to avoid the fee & then piled us with food, soda, & homemade ice cream. Now I’m really glad we did those extra miles.   Tomorrow I only have 11 miles to walk to Sierra City. Good thing since I’m out of lunch food.

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