Unnamed Ridge

Posted from California, United States.

Cooling off with Snow on the Sierra Buttes
Cooling off with Snow on the Sierra Buttes

Happy Birthday to me!   Pepperman & Jumpback Julie rolled into town late yesterday afternoon. I hadn’t seen them since late May. There are hikers that you just click with & have a great time & those two are that for me. Jewel Thief & I hung out with them all evening & even threw up our tents & slept next to their cabin that night. Good thing too – we ended up being the bear patrol during a late night visitation.

After a late morning start, we climbed out of Sierra City. With the side trip we made to a lookout tower on Sierra Buttes, the climb was almost 5000’. The extra mileage was worth it though since the panoramic views were spectacular. Meandering along a ridge we ended up dry camping. The mosquitoes are really bad & I doubt it will be cold enough tonight to drive them away.

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