Unnamed Saddle

Posted from California, United States.

I have decided that vampire mythology must have arisen from mosquitoes. Look at the facts: the little buggers hate direct sunlight, dislike garlic, oh, and of course want to suck your blood. I’m not sure where you would find mosquito-sized wooden stakes or how anyone could be good enough to actually stab one through the heart, so I’ll just stick with the handy slap.

I got my first early start this morning in who knows how long (5:30am) and managed to make 15 miles by noon. All afternoon the trail cruised along the same ridge which let the miles just fly by. The only annoying part was all the water sources were at least ¼ mile off the trail. I just saw Jewel Thief mid-morning heading out at a furious pace. He’ll probably do huge miles. Oh well, I’ll catch him tomorrow.

I ended up camping in a pitiful little saddle. It’s incredibly hot & muggy and if possible there are even more mosquitoes than last night. Today’s mileage really wore on my feet & I rubbed four toes raw.   Looks like they got soft through the Sierras & are going to have to toughen up again.

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