Posted from Mineral, California, United States.

I woke up early & was hiking by 5:30am. Mosquitoes were out bad already. After yesterday’s climb, the trail followed a waterless ridge all the way to town. Jewel Thief & I set off with intentions of busting out our miles fast, but fate dictated otherwise. Both of our feet were bothering us; his from the used shoes he swapped for in Belden & my toes were rubbing again. By the end of the day we were both limping pretty well.

After hitching into Chester we immediately headed for the Pine Shack Frosty for root floats. They had a sign above the register that said, “If Mt. Lassen erupts while ordering, it is free.” Most of the hotels in town had no vacancy, but we ran into Jim & DJ who let us crash in their room. Since this is halfway, Jewel Thief & I counted how many pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream we had eaten on the hike: I’m at 17 ?!

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