Drakesbad Guest Ranch

Posted from Chester, California, United States.

Terminal Geyser
Terminal Geyser

As always, getting out of town took longer than it should have. In this case it took 1 ½ hours & 2 hitches to go 8 miles. It was 11am before we were actually moving down trail. We stopped for a late lunch by a river & chatted with Bobo & Dat – 2 southbound flip floppers.

Heading on, we soon came to Lassen National Park. A quick side trip took us down to Terminal Geyser-a steam vent. The air was hot, sticky, & sulfur-smelling near the vent. The steam was shooting about 30’ up. Jewel Thief made it back to our packs at the trail first & chased off the deer using them as a salt lick. The trail next wandered by Boiling Springs Lake. The lake was a pea green color with bubbling mud pits at the edges.

Not much farther on we came to Drakesbad Ranch. We arrived just at the end of supper and were fed royally. We then headed down to the pool for nice showers.   After sitting in their lounge for awhile, we sneaked up the river & stealth camped so that we would be close for breakfast in the morning.

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