Hat Creek Rim

Posted from Hat Creek, California, United States.

Lava Tube
Lava Tube

After a great breakfast, we headed back to the trail.   The pocketmail was fried so I called & ordered another one.   We hiked for a few miles to the Subway Cave, an old lava taube, & walked through it. Filling up our water we headed up the rim. It was a hot day, so at the top we sprawled out under the last of the trees & slept the afternoon away.

At about 4pm, we headed out.   The trees vanished & we were walking along the edge which dropped off sharply down to the Hat Creek Basin. The hike was warm, but beautiful with views of Lassen to the south & our first glimpse of Mt. Shasta to the north. About dark we made it to the trees again & a huge water cache.   We stopped to eat dinner then hiked on by headlamp.   The night air was much cooler & the moonlight made it easy. At almost 1am, we just threw our bags out & crashed.   We’ll finish up the rim first thing in the morning.

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