Rock Creek

Posted from Burney, California, United States.

Burney Falls
Burney Falls

We woke up & were hiking by 6:15am. We quickly discovered that we had made it to the very end of the rim & were dropping down to the valley. By mid-morning we made it to the water source & the end of the 33 mile dry section. We plowed on & by 2pm, I had made it to Burney Falls State Park. The falls were beautiful, but all I had on my mind was food.

Jewel Thief & I hitched into the town of Burney. It was an easy hitch. After shopping & a meal, it was only 5pm, so we decided to hitch back to the trail which was also surprisingly easy. We finished up our day with 5.5 more miles to camp by Rock Creek. Today was the first time we had ventured into a town without staying the night.

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